Ticket Concert Game of Themes 29 August 2021 Den Haag STUDENT

Ticket Concert Game of Themes 29 August 2021 Den Haag STUDENT




Here you can purchase your STUDENT ticket for Game of Themes on 29 August 2021 in the Paleiskerk Den Haag.

Hier kunt u uw STUDENTENkaartje voor Game of Themes van 29 Augustus 2021 bestellen in de Paleiskerk Den Haag.

Game of Themes:

A spectacle of improvised classical music inspired by the audience.

Already in Ancient Greek times musicians competed: to get a job, to show off, or because an emperor thought it would be entertaining. And later Mozart competed with Clementi, Bach was challenged by Marchand, Scarlatti and Handel competed and so on…

Improvisation was amongst the most important ways to show yourself the true winner. In Game of Themes you experiences the excitement of the audiences from the past, giving themes and ideas, finding out in the moment what the musicians can do with this new musical idea.

The ideas from the past are enriched by the ideas of long form improvisation theatre, where small games and audience suggestions slowly work towards a longer story, which, in a way, everyone has created together.

How many ways are there to throw the ball- the ball being the theme in the playground of improvisation? How many balls can we keep in the air? And how do we make a story from these different balls?
Come and find out:

29/8/2021 – 20:00 – Paleiskerk Den Haag

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