Growing up together, siblings Robert and Karolinka de Bree have a great affinity for playing together, despite their extremely diverse musical upbringing. How and where do the worlds of historical instruments and modern instruments meet? Robert and Karolinka find an inspiring meeting ground in their shared musicality and joy of playing together, working with composers and finding ways to inspire programmes on the cusp of their worlds.



Music by M. Mussorgsky, L. Andriessen, I. Yun, F. Romitelli and F.J. Hewitt. 

This programme draws on the views of composers from around the world on the relationship between paintings and music. There is an optional lecture and painting robot. The programme could be performed in an art gallery, concert hall, or elsewhere.


Children’s Corner

Music by Debussy is matched by music for wind instruments from the whole world, like an asian mouth organ. Which stories do you hear?