Below some home-brewn experiments. Do get in touch if you have questions!

Fragments of a shattered soul
My first piece, experimenting with multiphonics in 2 instruments simultaneously (end) and labium manipulation resulting in a frulato-like effect.
Some say that, when traveling, we leave parts of our soul behind, or that they might catch up with us later than our physical selves. In this piece, I imagine finding fragments of a shattered soul throughout an unknown universe, carrying bits of events, emotions and stories.


Paths to Mount Everest (2007)

(recorded 2009)
For one player playing 2 recorders and singing.
Composed by James Hewitt (1984) for me.

4 tin whistles

Inspired by the Mexican quadruple flutes I finally found whistles small enough to be able to play 4 simultaneously. These are some first experiments.

Simple chords:
D E A Cis
E Fis G A

Spectrum of overtones on different fingering combinations
Overtones Changing Fing

Changing airspeed
Impr Flageolets 4wh


Multiphonics on two instruments simultaneously