Single reeds

Alboka {Albogue} [double clarinet] (Basque country)

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Aulos [double clarinet] (Greece)

Hulusi [double/triple clarinet] (China)

Pungi [double clarinet] [India].

Urua [double clarinet] (Brazil – Kamayura Indians)

Mouth Organs

Khaen [mouth organ] (Thailand)

Naw [mouth organ] (Thailand)

Sho [mouth organ] (Japan)

Sheng [mouth organ] (China)


Double reeds

Launeddas [triple oboe] (Sardegna, Italy)

Dabki [double oboe] (Palestine)

Yarghool [double oboe] (Arabic)

Double Shehnai [double oboe/shawm] (India)
Sometimes two Shehnais are tied together in the fashion of the Greek Aulos

Used for snake charming



Volynka (Russia)


Algoze {also Jorhi, Do Nally, Satara or Ngoze} [double flute] (Punjabi)

Jerome Desigaud made a triple alghoza as well:

Dvoyanka [double flute] (Bulgaria)
Single piece of wood, six sound holes and a drone pipe. Traditionally favored by sheperds and even used to direct the sheep, which remember particular melodies for particular directions.

Kavalghoza [double kaval] (Belgium)
Invention by Winne Clement

Khmer from [double flute] (Cambodja)

Played by Steev Kindwald

Narr sur [double flute] (Balochistan, Pakistan)

Some beautiful music and documentary (15 minutes) about Balochistan (With thanks to Steev Kindwald) for pointing this out.

Dvodentsivka/pivtoradentsivka [double flute] (Ukrain)

Shepherd flute by Winne Clement

A list of double flutes:


Double Ocarina

Multi-chambered vessle flute, occarina, invented by Sharon Rowell in 1980.

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