Triple Flageolet

One of the most remarkable instruments is the tripple flageolet, with three playable pipes. Only a few are in existence.

Double recorders and flageolets

Several historical double recorders and double flageolets are still in existence, as well as echo-flutes (these are not to be played at the same time, but are two recorders often tied together to be played shortly after one another to imply the echo otherwise often difficult to achieve on recorders, for example for BB4).

Makers include:
Michiel Parent (Amsterdam 1663 – Amsterdam 1710)
More info to follow

A picture of a double recorder by Michiel Parent, with thanks to Jan Bouterse:



Quintuple Flute?

In Athanasius Kircher’s Musurgia Universalis (1650) is this 5-piped flute:
In Kircher’s book it is said that Kircher only knows about this instrument through the drawing of a friend.