Pied Piper of Hamelin


“In Schickhardt’s g minor Concerto soloist Robert de Bree’s virtuosity came to the fore. He showed the recorder as a full-fledged musical instrument. His enthusiastic playing was so magical, that, had he come from Hamelin, no one in the audience would have ever been seen again.”
Alphens Nieuwsblad, 16th of Februari 2006

As a recorder player it is easy to be compared with “The Pied Piper“. When reading the story to my daughter I thought, what is it, that this man is actually playing?

In this picture from 1592, you can see someone playing what looks most like a shawm, an early oboe.

In this programme I bring together the different versions of this story as they were influenced by time, as well as different instruments and music that reflect those times and the magic of the pied piper, from a sixteenth century shawm to an oboe from the 19th century to recorders from different times.
A 17th century Dutch Pied Piper, Jacob van Eyck:

Also possible as children’s concert