No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge.
The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among his followers, gives not of his wisdom but rather of his faith and his lovingness.
If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.”
― Khalil Gibran, The Prophet


Teaching inspires me greatly. I love trying to find the right way to help a student on his or her way. I want to help you help yourself get better, learn to get a grasp of an instrument, technique or approach, love music even more and help you find yourself in music.

I teach recorder, baroque oboe, chamber music and improvisation. Age does not matter and neither does starting level.

My specialties are dexterity technique, deepening the musical interpretation, improvisation and the development of a good sound, specifically using the air to make a broader palet of colours and dynamics possible.

Some of my ideas about and experience with teaching:



Sharing the joys of improvisation lies close to my heart. Everybody can improvise! It is not something that only geniuses can do, or flows directly out of someone’s innate source of inspiration and talent.
Music is a language! I would love to teach you how to speak it. Like with learning a normal language, I will teach you words, grammar, phrase structures and story telling. Included without any extra effort is an improvement of your aural skills, your tuning, your technique, your concentration skills and of course your ability to express yourself in a creative way.

I have taught classes at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague (2012-2014), Music academies of Bydgoszcz and Katowice (PL) (2013), an international summer course in Warszawa (PL) (2014) and in Mexico (2014).

I have been invited to several places to give workshops this year:

February 4th 2017: All’Improvviso, improvisation course for amateur musicians
February 11th 2017: Young Talent Departement Conservatory of Amsterdam (Goldberg variations and Bach’s inspiration)
March 12th 2017: Workshop improvisation
March 13th 2017: Conservatory of Zwolle, Workshop improvisation around La Folia
May 2nd 2017: Ferenc Liszt Academy, Budapest, Workshop historical improvisation
May 21st 2017: Improvisation workshop with recorder orchestra Praetorius
June 13th 2017: Open Jam Session at Palace of Arts in Warsaw, Poland
August 11th 2017: Pub concert and Jam Session improvisation, Lelystad, The Netherlands
September 5th 2017: Introduction workshop improvisation at the Conservatory of The Hague
September 14th 2017: Workshop improvisation 17th Century England
October 14th 2017: Open Jam Session Classical Music: Greensleeves
Oktober 29th 2017 : Improvisation workshop at the ORDA recorder festival in Amsterdam
November 12th 2017: Conservatory of The Hague: Workshop Improvising Telemann Fantasias
February 11th 2018: Nordhorn Recorder Festival: Workshop Improvising Telemann Fantasias


Private Lessons 

It is important for anyone, at any level, to keep improving. Motor movement, or finger dexterity, is often a neglected part of instrument learning, especially in the amateur circuit, the thought being that this can only be attained with years of study and heaps of talent.
Although some of that may be true, very important is also the right approach to practising. A very interesting aricle about motor learning can be found here. I try to work with my students on finding the right way for them to practice, to reach the highest level.


The youngest

Being part of the world is an exciting thing for every young child. All these new experiences, smells, ideas. I find it thrilling to guide these open minds in to the world of classical music. Through PIBO (Music school of Utrecht) I teach young children to play recorder aurally. This method gives them the joy of experiencing music as a group as well as learn to play an instrument from a learned song repertoire, in the arena of games and group interaction.

There is not a more honest and loving audience than one filled with children. I love playing and presenting my music to them, and giving them their first taste of a life-long love for classical music. Please contact me for a concept fitted to your needs.

Beside this I have experience in the ‘regular’ education system, having taught at music schools in Amsterdam Zuidoost (2004-2005),  Baarn (2009) and Bilthoven (2012).



I fully agree with Mr. Zander on his idea that everyone were to love classical music, if they just knew they did. With Collegium Musicum Den Haag‘s stadstournee we go in to the city to play free concerts for people who would not normally go to our concerts. I give the audience a modern-day context to the music and have yet to find one person who did not enjoy baroque music!

With the classical express I have given some kids their first ever concert experience, from a trailer that goes around Holland from place to place.

Orchestra Symphonie Atlantique has been giving me the opportunity to experiment with unexpected audiences too. From our benefit concert for a food bank to introducing teenagers to the music of Mozart and Beethoven.

With the Scroll Ensemble I have organised jam sessions for early music improvisation in the Hague. We introduce musicians to the concepts of improvisation, to other improvisation enthusiasts, give them a platform to practice this and also stretch their imagination with colourful workshops like “Brazilian Baroque” or “Improvisation with a jazz bass player”. At the same time, anyone can come and listen and in a relaxed way be introduced to the sounds of the Baroque period as if they had never ceased to live.



One of the great things about music, is that there is always a new door, a new depth to be explored. Within classical music improvisation and contemporary music are often closed doors and I am very happy to give people the opportunity to make their key to open that door.

I have taught masterclasses on baroque music interpretation (Raciborz Poland 2011, Rotterdam Conservatory 2014, Mexico City 2014), improvisation (see above) and contemporary music (Conservatory Den Haag 2009, Stephen Pearse Foundation Cambridge UK 2012).



In the past I gave several lectures, for instance about “The musical landscape in the Netherlands in the 19th century”“Articulation in 18th century woodwind sources” and “Georg Philip Telemann’s fantasias as a source of inspiration for solo improvisations”.


Your request

Each lesson, lecture or workshop should be atuned to the students, situation and subject. I am very curious to hear what you would like to learn! Contact me on robertdebree (@)