Diminution Challenge- BANCHIERI – Part 2

Diminution Challenge- BANCHIERI – Part 2


Learn more diminutions!



In the 17th century improvisation was learned by memorising small patterns. In this challenge we look at Adriano Banchieri’s book Cartella Musicale, in which he lists several such patterns (100 to be exact!). After analysing the patterns we teach you a type each day, this way you are learning quite a few patterns by just following along with our logic and, really, just learning one pattern a day!

It’s hard to bring up the discipline to look the things up and getting going, so by making this video series we are hoping to inspire you to keep it going! The first 8 days are on YouTube. You can keep going by buying the rest of the series here or joining us on www.patreon.com/thescrollensemble

Help us by buying the next few days and help yourself keep going !  :-D

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