Nightmare of the PCR test (Cauchemar de PCR)

Nightmare of the PCR test (Cauchemar de PCR)




For this composition I was inspired by Marin Marais’s Le Tableau de l’Operation de la Taille, in which Marais describes his experiences on the operating table with text and music. My other inspiration was Partimento, which is a fascinating pedagogical tool for composition from Naples in the 18th century (and beyond). I have been researching how to use this keyboard-centred tool as a solo melody player and some of the results found their way into this composition. At the same time the world was hit by the pandemic and to be able to work we needed to do those PCR tests. For some reason they really freaked me out and it helped me to hear the funny stories from colleagues about things that happened during their tests. So I asked my friends on Facebook to tell me their best PCR stories and that’s how I got to the ‘libretto’ for my piece. I hope you enjoy it!

This score includes the Dutch and English solo versions. There is also a French translation!

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