Beethoven Symphony 7 – Allegretto – Recorder Sextet

Beethoven Symphony 7 – Allegretto – Recorder Sextet




Snino, S, A, T, B, CB

I love arranging repertoire which is not usually for the recorder. In this arrangement I opted for sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass and contrabass (F). Using this wide range of recorders gives us some semblance of the scope of orchestral forces Beethoven uses, whilst the sextet setting also maintains the intimacy of a chamber setting. I think in this arrangement I managed to give every part a doable challenge and/or moment to shine, as attested to by the students of the Apollo Summer Academy 2020 who premiered it in August. :-). Each part does however use the full 2 octaves range of the recorder, so this is for intermediate-advanced students by my estimation.

Sound coming soon!

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