Messiah – Hallelujah (Handel / de Bree)

Messiah – Hallelujah (Handel / de Bree)




Many of Händel’s arias and choruses from operas and oratorios were published in solo versions for one recorder, but not the Messiah! Inspired by these versions from the 18th Century, I made my own version of the Hallelujah. I was interested in balancing the style of these original arrangements (focusing on the soprano line and 1st violin) and sometimes suggesting the richer textures of the Orchestra by breaking chords like Van Eyck and Telemann might have done.

The Hallelujah is a perfect piece for this, as it in itself plays with the tension between the entire orchestra and choir doing more or less the same thing and richer contrapuntal textures.

Easier version for intermediate and advanced students are on their way.

This version is not easy, using the full two octave range of the instrument.

You get three transpositions. The version I use in the video (in D, but including the high c sharp with knee: I used a g alto where this wasn’t necessary) and two versions in C and F excluding this knee note, but taking off 2 notes at the bottom.

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